About  the Company

We are determined to help our clients succeed. We work with clients of many industries and create custom plans built for success. We never use a "cookie cutter" plan, and each plan is geared towards the client's budget, needs, goals, and consumers. No two businesses are exactly alike.

When Wildwood businesses work together with high quality marketing and impressive online presences, the more attractive Wildwood becomes.

We service clients outside of Wildwood, too!

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Our services start with a consultation. We create an overview of each client from a consultation meeting before we provide a proposal of services. Some services, like marketing campaigns and plans, have the ability to be completed by the client. Our team can assist with consultation or full execution of the plans. No matter how much or how little you need our help, we are here!

Clients come first at Wildwood Marketing Co. We have expanded hours for clients outside of the standard 9-5, and dedicated service lines for calls, texts, and emails