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Your business is unique, why shouldn't your marketing be, too?

Wildwood Marketing Co is an agency focused on small to mid sized businesses in the Wildwoods and beyond.  Our customized approach to marketing allows our agency to focus on solutions for each individual business.  We don't provide "cookie cutter" plans for our clients, instead we focus on the needs of each business to create custom services that bring results.

Our passion for marketing shows in the services of each client. We focus on building strong relationships to execute services with top efficiently and high results. Communication is key; we are available to consult every step of the way with our services and enjoy keeping our clients updated with results and data.


Wildwood Marketing Co has 10 years experience building businesses from mom and pop shops to corporations. While we focus on local businesses and the community, we do work nationwide with some services. We take pride in our passion for our business and look forward to bringing that same enthusiasm to the business of our clients. 

Please contact us for references and our up to date portfolio

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Marketing For Your Business, No Matter The Decade

Wildwood is home to many businesses focusing on nostalgia and decades past. The Doo Wop era is still strong in the Wildwood's, and is preserved across town. That's why our branding has a feel and look of the 50's with a modern touch. A fresh update to branding brings design current, but keeps the look and feel of the original theme. Our design team is able to recreate your designs and bring them into this century while keeping the look of the past! Need a complete change? We do that too.

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Why use Wildwood Marketing Co?

Custom Packages and Services

We do not have a cookie cutter plan for all businesses. We create custom plans for each business we serve because no two businesses are the same. Our services in the design areas, including web, are custom to each business and brand also. There are no templates used here!

Localized Services

Since we are a local company based in Wildwood, we know how your business affects the Wildwoods, and we know your customers from our data research. We're right in Wildwood to visit your business and monitor your customer flow for a custom service, too! For our out of town customers, contact us to see which services we can offer.

Discounted Services

We believe in local business and that's why our rate packages are less than anyone else. See our Rates page for more details on our base and custom rates. We work on your budget.

Friendly, Fast Service

After an inquiry, we meet with each business and address the needs. A proposal is sent within 2 days of our meeting, and when services are confirmed they take anywhere from seven days for a website to ten days for a full marketing plan. We're right in Wildwood to address any issues in person, and we love to help.

Want to see some of our work? Contact us below for our current portfolio and references

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Feel free to email or call us. You can also drop us a line by completing the form. All email inquiries will be returned 24 hours or sooner, except for weekends and holidays.


Email: info@wildwoodmarketingco.com

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